Academic Programme

We are delighted to have so many amazing presentations from speakers around the world. We can now release our draft programme:

  • Panel A: Mediating Art and Technology
  • Panel B: Localised Belonging
  • Panel C: Subjectivity, Disability and Accessibility
  • Panel D: Digital Spaces
  • Panel E: Negotiating Gender

Panel A: Mediating Art and Technology

  • Alejandro Espinosa-Rada (The University of Manchester): “Scientific networks in the south of the world”
  • Arancha Rodríguez Fernández (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain): “A place of one’s own: spaces and belongingness in contemporary women’s poetry from Galicia and Ireland”
  • Tuğba Aydın Ozturk (The University of Manchester): “Global and local markets, technology and business”

Panel B: Localised Belonging

  • Niamh Kavanagh (The University of Manchester): “Exploring Salford’s working-class experiences of displacement in the 1980s”
  • Ruth Webber (The University of Manchester): “Picturing place: the use of visual methods to explore everyday migrant home-making”
  • Nicola Carroll (University of Huddersfield): “Locality and reflexivity: researching experiences of lone mothers in two contrasting areas”

Panel C: Subjectivity, Disability and Accessibility

  • Jamie Keaton Jones (Fordham University, USA): “Using the phenomenology of place and ecosystems theory to understand the practice places of clinical social workers”
  • Natalie Cotterell (The University of Manchester): “Tackling and preventing social isolation in old age: a literature review and questions for research”
  • Prof. Tanya Titchkosky (University of Toronto): “Senses of exclusion: the liminal place disability in the university”

Panel D: Digital Spaces

  • Ella Taylor-Smith, Colin F. Smith, Michael Smyth (Edinburgh Napier University): “I walk past everyday: crocheted protest banners and local spaces on social media”
  • Jerome Turner (Birmingham City University): “Newspapers, Facebook pages, and idle chatter: situating online, hyperlocal media within the neighbourhood”
  • Natalie Burdett (Manchester Metropolitan University): “Seeing and ‘unacknowledged’ inspiration: eye tracking technology in creative process”

Panel E: Negotiating Gender

  • Ali Siles-Barcenas (The University of Manchester): “‘It’s about respecting the place’: locating Mormon masculinities in Mexico City”
  • Abhilasha Jain (Jawaharlal Nehru University): “Digital Space, and Resistance in the wake of Sexual Harassment in University Spaces: ‘LoSHA’ and Circulation of Lists”
  • Evelyn Callahan (Brunel University London): “Studying oneself: perspectives of a trans trans studies scholar”

Read full abstracts here